Sunday, August 26, 2012

Too Much Fun?

This past weekend we had a sand castle building contest with our church family. A few weekends before, we had a church camp out. We've been having so much fun with our church family! I'm so thankful for the entertainment they provide for us!!

This is in the middle of the building. We were having a little trouble keeping one of the 3 larger towers in the back from falling.

I know I've never worked this hard on a sand castle before. It was fun to have so many others building at the same time. 

After a failed attempt at a tunnel, the girls decided to make a dolphin...complete with a blowhole! 

And this masterpiece is ours. Seriously, I've never worked this hard on something that would be washed away in a matter of hours! But we had fun. 
And this is how these girlies had fun, while the rest of us sweat over the castles  and how much water we had to run back up the hill...  ;)  

We aren't lost. We haven't gone away for good. We're just out having fun-- perhaps too much of it. Later posts will include pictures from our own camping fun, as well as the fun we are experiencing currently while having our bathroom remodeled.....  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

:. Busy . Busy . Busy .:

We've been on the busy side...would love to share more, but let me just tell you this: 

Fun times at the Science Center...
the wading pool at the park...     
We even made it to the beach! 

This was one sandy little girl!
Thanks so much for visiting. It was fun to hear so much giggling from the cousins and to have extra people around while the boys were gone on their own trip. Can't wait to see ya'll again soon!


Friday, August 3, 2012

Stuff Sacks

Last week Eric was telling me about how he wished he could find stuff sacks for certain items they need to bring along on their bike trip. As soon as he started the conversation I knew where it was going. I told him I just needed the right material...

I looked at a couple of tutorials on youtube about how to make stuff sacks, and in the end combined elements of the two I watched to make my own version. 

Have you ever felt like you're over pinning?? I was feeling that way when I pinned this, but I think it is hard to use too many pins when you're sewing in a circle. 

 One of the videos suggested "double rolling" the hem so that there were no raw edges. Since I was putting a round bottom on, I did this. Another friend had told me she used french seams, but I couldn't wrap my brain around how to do that around a circle...though as I type this I'm thinking I probably could have figured it out. Oh well.
(By the way, the stuff sacks we have from REI do have raw edges inside- wow- kinda surprised me.) 

So here they are. He asked for three-- two for sleeping bags and one for a tent. 

I even added little handles for the ends, if what is inside is hard to pull out! 

Yesterday they did another long ride- 50 miles- and took some of their gear. These two sleeping bags went along, and the sacks did great! Oh yeah, the guys did too! 


And while the boys are away, the girls will play I guess. I was busy inside the house, getting ready for some family to visit and the girls decorated the sidewalk in front! 

I Love their pictures!