Friday, March 30, 2012

{two new friends...}

Recently our church got a new pastor. Which means we got his wife and kids too! So glad they're a package deal. They came from a long ways away and we are so glad they came. Turns out the girls like to read. I thought making them new bags might be a nice welcome.

I decided to make two sizes since the girls are still pretty young. These are my materials. 

...and this was my helper  :)  She had her own craft she was working on along side my sewing. 

Yay for the finished bags!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

{for a sweet baby}

 My friend from college had a baby. Baby quilts are super fun to make. Not only are they a little smaller, but you can be a little more free with color choices.

...though I suppose I didn't go wild with these color choices...but I could have!

One thing I remember about this friend is that her favorite color (way back when!) was yellow. I'd seen a quilt top similar to this one and really wanted to do this layout. I'm so glad I did-- I love how it turned out!

Simple and cheery for little Sydney Lynn.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{a day of play}

 Today we did something we've only done a couple of times: we took the kids out of school so that we could hang out all together as a family. 

Our destination: Legoland.

It was such a beautiful day to be walking outside for hours and hours-- 65 degrees and sunny. 

Chloe is so good at making new friends...Or perhaps she just thought this man reminded her of Grandpa?? 
 We had a hard time persuading Audra to ride some of the faster rides. However, she did like this little ride.
 Even the little one put her hands up during that ride!

...Which leads me to talk about the other two crazies. This is called "The Knight's Tournament" or something like that. It is a giant arm that swings around and twirls those who dare to get on. 

I wish I'd gotten a better angle on this, but you can see that they are pretty much facing "down"! They loved this ride. 
And finally, yes, Audra did decided to try a roller coaster, albeit a slow one. She even got on it a second time! Wahoo!! 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Epic Party of Doom}

 This one had a birthday recently...How has the time just flown by?? Wasn't he a baby just yesterday?!
 We had a few friends over for a "LEGO" party, and started it off with a little trivia. Do you know how long it takes to cool a brick down from 232 degrees C when it is being manufactured??
 Next on the agenda was a race to put together a instructions and no pictures to go by! Just their own imaginations.
 ...still working.... 
These guys were so fun to listen to-- their chatter is just about as cute and funny as a certain 4-yr-old's that I know.

(They kept talking about how things were "the Epic ______ of Doom, don don don!)
 In the end we decided they all won that round, and that LEGO should print a box with all of their cars on it.
 Here you see my poor attempt at a LEGO cake...and all the candles that P had to blow out!
 After cake, the kids headed outside for an obstacle course. It was so nice they were willing to play along with my silly games.
...more obstacle course...

In the end, I guess it isn't so bad to let my oldest grow up...but it is still a little hard. He's not a little boy anymore. Just can't wait until middle school next year...yikes!!

By the way, the answer to the trivia question is seven seconds.