Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{a day of play}

 Today we did something we've only done a couple of times: we took the kids out of school so that we could hang out all together as a family. 

Our destination: Legoland.

It was such a beautiful day to be walking outside for hours and hours-- 65 degrees and sunny. 

Chloe is so good at making new friends...Or perhaps she just thought this man reminded her of Grandpa?? 
 We had a hard time persuading Audra to ride some of the faster rides. However, she did like this little ride.
 Even the little one put her hands up during that ride!

...Which leads me to talk about the other two crazies. This is called "The Knight's Tournament" or something like that. It is a giant arm that swings around and twirls those who dare to get on. 

I wish I'd gotten a better angle on this, but you can see that they are pretty much facing "down"! They loved this ride. 
And finally, yes, Audra did decided to try a roller coaster, albeit a slow one. She even got on it a second time! Wahoo!! 


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  1. Love the picture of Chloe with her hands up!!! Cute.