Saturday, March 24, 2012

{for a sweet baby}

 My friend from college had a baby. Baby quilts are super fun to make. Not only are they a little smaller, but you can be a little more free with color choices.

...though I suppose I didn't go wild with these color choices...but I could have!

One thing I remember about this friend is that her favorite color (way back when!) was yellow. I'd seen a quilt top similar to this one and really wanted to do this layout. I'm so glad I did-- I love how it turned out!

Simple and cheery for little Sydney Lynn.


  1. I love the design and the colors are great. I really like all the yellow.

    1. Thanks! I wondered if it would be too much yellow and pink but I went for it anyway :)

  2. Super cute! Yellow and pink are so pretty together :)