Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Been Almost a Whole Month...

...since my last post. Really??! Where have I been? What has been happening that I can't take just a few minutes to sit down and talk with you? Well, here is a little run-down: 

piano practice, play practice, and practicing his French horn take up a lot of this boy's time...

art + friends = fun!

and even a little more craft time. 

Oh yes, we had some fun dress up days in the middle school to work on...

Then there was a night of cheering! (Preceded by the week of practices!)  

We had great fun with Grandma & Grandpa while they visited for Grandparents Day. 

Tis the season for concerts to start again. We've been to a few already. This picture shows P's first Jazz Band Concert! 

Volleytennis is nearly done. We have 1 practice and 3 games remaining. Its been a great season! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{ the many faces }

When they are this little, you just don't know what to expect...but I could read this look very easily today:  Mama, you think you got it past me, but you're wrong. I just decided to eat it this time.

At times, quiet... and other times, not so quiet...

 A bubbly personality- she loves people. She loves to be in charge of people. Maybe someday she will be.

She always has a secret...if you want to have one too, just ask--often times she'll share if you catch her in just the right mood...

An Actress.  
Did I mention messy? 

 --this part is not an act. She's a natural  ;)

(And check out this photobomb! -love it!)

Here she is as our waitress.

And she is also happy. Did I tell you that yet?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

During the Day, While Everyone Is Away...

 My floor gets transformed...

 And in between carefully setting her toys out precisely where she wants them...

She pretends she knows a lot of gymnastics... 

...and then she gets back to business...

This is her class. She arranges them differently every day. She know just where they should be, and if they are goofing around or if they are helping her that day. 

I let her be. She prefers it that way. When I try to play along, many times she comes "out of character" and loses her train of thought. So I let her be. 

Sometimes I even have something fun to do myself! (This is the beginning of a mug rug.)