Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{ the many faces }

When they are this little, you just don't know what to expect...but I could read this look very easily today:  Mama, you think you got it past me, but you're wrong. I just decided to eat it this time.

At times, quiet... and other times, not so quiet...

 A bubbly personality- she loves people. She loves to be in charge of people. Maybe someday she will be.

She always has a secret...if you want to have one too, just ask--often times she'll share if you catch her in just the right mood...

An Actress.  
Did I mention messy? 

 --this part is not an act. She's a natural  ;)

(And check out this photobomb! -love it!)

Here she is as our waitress.

And she is also happy. Did I tell you that yet?

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