Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Epic Party of Doom}

 This one had a birthday recently...How has the time just flown by?? Wasn't he a baby just yesterday?!
 We had a few friends over for a "LEGO" party, and started it off with a little trivia. Do you know how long it takes to cool a brick down from 232 degrees C when it is being manufactured??
 Next on the agenda was a race to put together a instructions and no pictures to go by! Just their own imaginations.
 ...still working.... 
These guys were so fun to listen to-- their chatter is just about as cute and funny as a certain 4-yr-old's that I know.

(They kept talking about how things were "the Epic ______ of Doom, don don don!)
 In the end we decided they all won that round, and that LEGO should print a box with all of their cars on it.
 Here you see my poor attempt at a LEGO cake...and all the candles that P had to blow out!
 After cake, the kids headed outside for an obstacle course. It was so nice they were willing to play along with my silly games.
...more obstacle course...

In the end, I guess it isn't so bad to let my oldest grow up...but it is still a little hard. He's not a little boy anymore. Just can't wait until middle school next year...yikes!!

By the way, the answer to the trivia question is seven seconds.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted about this birthday party! I LOVE that LEGO cake!! Woo HOO!!! I'm sure he'll remember THAT for many years to come.....