Monday, January 2, 2012


We drove pretty far to see family this past Christmas. Really. And my kids will tell you that they didn't hardly sleep at all in the car. Well I've got proof that they're wrong  ;) 

They did such a good job, hardly complaining. Really. I was very pleased. Books to read, books on cd and an occasional video helped pass the time. However, when you're passing this much time, it does get old, quick...

 Do you see how long this thing says we still have to go?? 

Along the way I noted many interesting names of places. I've always wondered how some names come to be. 

For example, one place we passed had a park called "Toad Suck Park". hmm. Another was called "Deaf Smith County". I can maybe guess the story there. Then there's the places that they just ran out of ideas and threw some letters together. Such as "To'hajiilee Road". The word "road" after that last one just doesn't seem to fit. I had a few more favorites from our 2000+ mile drive. "Tucumcari, Zuzax, and Pampa". Not to mention "Show Low Heber". Of all of them though, this was my favorite:  

 Can you read that? Lotawateh Rd. When we came through on the way out it was pitch black. This time we did get to see the wateh. It was there alright, and a lot of it.

It was quite an adventure. My last leg of driving was from about 3am-8am or so. Round about  6am I gave in and started eating my husband's sunflower seeds. ugh. Spittin' seeds at 6am is not my idea of a hearty breakfast.

As we raced this train through the California desert it was fun to imagine the gunslingers who may have been on that train many years ago--the outlaws and their rough and tumble ways. Okay maybe not that train as it is not a passenger train ;) but when you're sleep deprived you don't know what you'll dream up to keep entertained!

Who am I kidding? It was a long drive but well worth it. I'd do it again. Just not too soon  :)

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  1. What a FUN post! You made some memories....