Sunday, August 26, 2012

Too Much Fun?

This past weekend we had a sand castle building contest with our church family. A few weekends before, we had a church camp out. We've been having so much fun with our church family! I'm so thankful for the entertainment they provide for us!!

This is in the middle of the building. We were having a little trouble keeping one of the 3 larger towers in the back from falling.

I know I've never worked this hard on a sand castle before. It was fun to have so many others building at the same time. 

After a failed attempt at a tunnel, the girls decided to make a dolphin...complete with a blowhole! 

And this masterpiece is ours. Seriously, I've never worked this hard on something that would be washed away in a matter of hours! But we had fun. 
And this is how these girlies had fun, while the rest of us sweat over the castles  and how much water we had to run back up the hill...  ;)  

We aren't lost. We haven't gone away for good. We're just out having fun-- perhaps too much of it. Later posts will include pictures from our own camping fun, as well as the fun we are experiencing currently while having our bathroom remodeled.....  

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