Wednesday, December 12, 2012

:. Catching the Holiday Spirit .:

I'm still trying to figure out where September and October went and suddenly the calendar tells me it's DECEMBER!! I guess I've been around these past few months but it seems they've just flown by. 
In trying to be a little more in the groove of Christmas, we've been a little crafty around here lately...

 Audra's teacher asked me to help with making ornaments for the Christmas tree in their class. So I went to Pinterest, of course, and found LOTS and LOTS of ideas. After dreaming about which one to choose, THIS is the one that we decided on. 
Then I got to make 21 of these trees. Here is my forest of bare Christmas trees.

This is what I showed the kids as their "inspiration" to follow-- roughly. Of course they could vary this any way they wanted to. And they did. So many of the kids really got into it! A few didn't really love it, but they were troopers and made nice trees too. 

My girl and her classmates playing with beads and wire. 

These are some of the finished products. 

And here is one on the Christmas tree.

And I can't let my girl have all the crafty fun. 

This might be my first attempt at a wall hanging... quilting those triangles was really fun! 

It always comes down to the binding. Will it come together easily??? Yup, this one was great-- no ripping out necessary! Woo hoo! 

This is how I chose to hang it-- a dowel and 3 small sleeves, + a wire. 

I like how you can see the triangle quilting on the back.  
 A closer look at the beading on the front. I decided to make this after seeing a similar one on a friend's wall. 
We had a Christmas party to attend last weekend and I couldn't get it out of my head that this might make a nice hostess gift.

Hoping she likes it as much as I do! I guess I could make one for myself if I had to  :)

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  1. Your Christmas trees look wonderful! looks like the beaded trees worked out well too!