Monday, January 21, 2013

{Last But Not Least}

Really, he was my first...I just hadn't featured his sweet face here yet. His two sisters enjoy being in front of the camera a little more than he does, at this point.
 Hard to believe this kid is almost as tall as I am now! Time flies by. 
At one point he liked to make his own costumes. 

Always his own person... 

Even challenging himself in his piano playing, more than the average pianist... 
I'm thankful for Payton, for his love of life and desire to have fun. He has a sincere heart-- he can be so kind and careful but also silly and goofy. (Okay, around his sisters he can be the annoying older brother who knows everything ;)  

See?! He looks so much older here! 
AAaaaaaand back to looking like a kid. Phew. He hasn't totally grown up yet!

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