Tuesday, September 3, 2013

:: Knock, knock. Who's there? ::

It's the FIRST DAY of School! 

 Look at these smiling faces, er, I mean at least 2 of the kids look happy to be going! 

Really, all three were happy, I think that reality was just beginning to hit Chloe-- she had just told me her tummy felt a little funny. Though, she blamed it on her backpack being too full ;) 

See? She is looking a little more excited here. Just look at her feet! 

It was so cute-- last week Chloe made this sign to remind my sister what she would be doing soon. I decided to save it and use it for the first day picture. 

Don't you *LOVE* her pose here?! Ha!!

...and since her sister did a pose, so did this one.

Audra is in 5th grade this year. Where did the time go?! We are looking forward to a GREAT year.

And again-- where did the time go. Payton headed out the door this morning to his 8th grade year. He has a top locker and is in the praise team. His year is starting off well too! 

By the way, we haven't done our annual height  *measuring* yet, so I can't say for sure how tall he is. The answer is somewhere between 5'9'' and 5'11''. He passed me up last school year! 

Because he is off to the Middle School, this is all the pictures I get to take of him. <sad!>

 No worries, I made up for it with the two girls! 

We walked to school this morning. Other days we will use our bicycles. But today we walked. This is our self portrait. 

This is maybe a better shot... Audra is telling Chloe all about how school will be-- though that is what she has been doing for months now! 

Um, with a teacher like this do you think she'll have a good year?! Yes, I have no doubt. Yay for Mrs. Brandon!

Audra and Maddie-- excited for school FRIENDS!

This is Chloe and her teacher Mrs. Schuck. Boy are we *happy and excited* to be in her class! Half day K is where it's at!! 

Chloe and her good friend Aubrey were ready to hit the playground!
...and so happy to have each other on the first day of kindergarten! 

A quick look at Chloe's class "in action". Most of the parents stayed until it was time to find out where to line up at the end of recess and also where the restroom was. :) It was nice to see how she handles getting the kids used to being in her class and also what she expects from them. (For example, pushing in their chairs when they leave their tables and lining up in a 'boys line' and a 'girls line'.)

 All in all, the kids came home happy and ready to go back tomorrow! I'd say that's a good first impression.

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