Tuesday, May 27, 2014

While I'm here...

Our spring has been busier than ever! I believe I am becoming a professional juggler, though perhaps not one who juggles particular items but rather one who juggles calendar schedules. Here is a peek:

*Prepping for a Jazz Festival*
 *Do you know how hard it was for them to stand there, so close to each other?*

 *Spending the day at Legoland-- I love seeing how they take care of their sis!*

 *First Place Champions!*

 *Audra and friends waiting for the Speech Meet to begin...love the photo bomb!*

*Big Brother just finished volleyball season as well. They did great and came in 2nd!* 

 *Middle School Praise Band came to lead the Chapel time at the Elementary*

 *Swingin' the Night Away*

 *Someone turned 40 recently!*
 *I love this girl!*

 *At the Art Show with her Art teacher*

 *Look out everyone, he's getting serious now!*

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