Wednesday, June 18, 2014

+End of the School Year+Beginning of Summer+

This post brought to you by the letter F

I got to go with Chloe and her class for their Harbor Cruise and Tide Pools field trip. We had a great day! The cruise took us right past the Queen Mary Ship and around the port of Long Beach where many cargo ships unload their "stuff". 
At the tide pools we saw a real live Sea Urchin and I was even brave enough to pluck this little hermit crab out of the water and make let Chloe hold him.

We celebrated Payton and 6 of his good friends' upcoming graduation. This is a great group of boys and I'm thankful Payton has such good friends. I'm looking forward to seeing how God will use them in high school and beyond. 

Next up was Sports Day. The Kindergarteners stay at the elem. campus while the older kids spend the day at the high school doing all kinds of races and events. Usually I get to the high school and find Audra and follow her around for a little while and get great pictures of her doing the long jump or the three-legged-race. This year was different, however. I got to hang with Chloe in the morning but missed all of Audra's events. I'm glad I caught her with her friends before the end of the day, though. 

Audra has been blessed this year by having Kathy Dyer as her flute teacher. Near the end of the school year Kathy had a recital for all of her flute students. The piece Audra played was called "Andantino". 
At this point Audra has talked about switching instruments for next year and taking up the oboe...only time will tell, I guess! 
8th Grade Graduation!!!
...Checking out the ties...

What an event. First, I'm glad to go through this with Payton before the girls so I have an idea of what to expect. Second, the speaker for the class had many WONDERFUL reminders for the kids (and parents and anyone else, really) as they enter this new phase of life that comes with more responsibility. Third, even in a Christian school/community you cannot count on people having any sort of common courtesy. I'll leave it at that. 


Our church has a Promotion Sunday every year. This year all three of my kids were promoted to the next class! Chloe is now in the Primary Sunday School class, Audra made it to the Middle School group and Payton has sailed into High School! Phew! 

 *A selection of pictures from our duffy boat ride on the Alamitos Bay.*

 *Some of the, ahem, art work I've been working on lately.*

 Rounding out our time with Eric's parents was a trip to the beach. As we approached with all of our gear we saw a sign warning of sting rays in the water. <sigh> So the girls didn't want to go in the water. P really didn't want to either. But we had fun anyway!! And since wading in the ocean wasn't going to happen the girls kept themselves cool another way...

Others of us took advantage of the wide open sand and the breeze and dusted off the 'ole frisbee. As you can see, Payton seems to enjoy himself a lot playing catch with a frisbee.

F is for the Friends and Family we share our lives with. Thanks for being part of our family, we think you are wonderful.

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