Sunday, April 12, 2015

{Spring Break 2015: Phoenix, Arizona}

We had such a great get-away! Relaxing, playing Dutch Bingo, Rook, hide-the-fan remote, backyard Jenga, corn hole, and water games. Here is a little peek.....


Easter Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast and then the worship service at Palm Lane CRC, in Phoenix. 
Loving Dre's expression here!

 These two played for quite a while-- and then it fell....when I was helping Chloe with her turn. 

 Thinking these two enjoyed going after each other a *little* too much...

Lots of water play-- after a while it was hard to know for sure who was on whose side...

 These crazies, ahem, I mean, Hard Core peeps left at 5:30am to conquer Camelback Mountain. Yup. They did it. I heard they had some beautiful views of the sunrise on their hike. I also heard ('cause I didn't go....someone had to stay back with the younger ones!) that there was some rock climbing that happened on this hike...yikes. 
 Desert Beauty.

 So after they came back from their more strenuous hike, we all left as a group to hike the National, Hidden Valley, and Fat Man's Pass Trails. Here we are together. This was one of the few times we were all together-- the older ones enjoyed running along a little faster down the trail than the rest of us.

Although I will say, after a brief stop for a snack, Chloe did hang with the big kids on the way back: she hiked with Dane and Payton and made tracks with them. Wow, way to go Chloe! 

Loving the tall Saguaro Cactus. 

A little more desert beauty.

A final picture of the cousins before we leave for home. Thanks for the memories! if someone would please tell me where they hid the fan remote.....

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