Saturday, September 15, 2012

A *Before* and *After* Show and Tell

We've lived with these cabinets in the bathroom long have we been here? 

Not a real big space, but plenty can go "aesthetically wrong" even in a small space. (Is that a word even?) 

Anyway, some guys we know from church took our bathroom from this...

...To this in just a few short days. Too late to turn back now! So you can see that the only thing we kept from the old bathroom is the tub. It is still in very good condition. 


And then a day or two later we had this! Ready for Eric to paint in his spare time...

Which happened to be after dinner as this was the week that the teachers had to be back in school. ugh.

So excited for the new flooring here-- thanks to another church friend for helping me out with the linoleum. (If you live nearby and plan to do remodeling or flooring anytime soon, ask me for their numbers! I do recommend!)

Here is also a peek at the vanity we purchased. --Which, by the way was quite the hassle. Glad I don't have to do that often. 


Oh look, I thought I was all ready to write this post about my new bathrooms, and here this picture doesn't even have the door frame or the mirror! *sigh* I guess another time I can show you all of that. With the base board, mirror and door frame in place it really does look nice.

And the other side of the room-- complete! oops, that isn't true either! I can see that the window is still the old window in this picture. (sorry for not catching these things!!)

I really love the feel of the linoleum and the height of the vanity. The old vanity was a little short. I guess the standard height has changed since 30+ years ago. The shower curtain was a little long, so I trimmed 4 inches from just above the band at the bottom and then put the band back on. I'm thankful I know how to do that!! 

And here we go again! After finishing the upstairs bathroom we decided to "go for it" with the one downstairs. This was mainly because we knew it would be far less work and time. 
 This is a *before* shot. Sorry, I forgot to get one with the old vanity in the room. Scroll back up and see the one that was in the upstairs bathroom-- they were the same except this room had a mirror across the whole wall. 

This picture is especially for my Dad. We talked about how this hose came out of the wall from the side and how it would (or wouldn't?) fit behind the drawers. Well, they didn't have to change anything-- the manufacturers of the vanity must have known that they should leave 6 inches open behind the drawer (SERIOUSLY?! These were obviously not made by a woman! I could have used those inches for the stuff I want to put the drawer!) Anyway, it all worked out with no problems and I guess I am glad they gave me the "extra space"  .

Uh-oh. Nothing ever goes 100% smooth. We had trouble when we went to paint this wall. It is hard to see in this picture but much of the paint is peeling up or cracking and flaking off. AAAHHHHHH! There were a couple of moments of frustration. 

Success! Finally the paint stuck to the wall like it was supposed to, phew! Since Eric often paints at night there is no natural light in this picture-- so the color definitely looks different. It is more of a grey than the light green I see here on my screen. 
And of course we had to get a new vanity and counter top for this room as well. This one did not have a back splash attached or that came with so we had the guys put just a little bit of tile around it-- I love how it looks! 

Again, no mirror in the picture. Actually, truthfully, its been nearly a week and I still haven't found a mirror for this room. It is on my list of things to do this week-- I'm just not entirely sure what kind of mirror or how big of a mirror I want. 

Anyway, that is all. This was part of our excitement at the end of summer-- ripping out bathrooms and showers and going to the pool each day hoping that people couldn't tell the difference.  ;) 

This remodeling was part of what kept us busy at the end of the summer. So glad to be back in the routine of school and homework and piano playing. We are enjoying our new bathrooms-- although I will tell you that Chloe told me that the faucet downstairs is a little darker than she thinks it should be!



  1. Love it Jenn! I'm sure it is great to have an updated space!

  2. It looks great! If you had done it while we there Craig would have had to take early "swims" in the morning. :) Why did the paint peel?

    1. There are a few theories about the paint, Anna, but really we're not 100% sure. Either way, Eric ended up using a stronger primer --oil base-- and that covered. So all's well that ends well, no?