Thursday, September 6, 2012

{ and we're back in the race }

...of school and routine and more and more to do! 

The first day of school has come and gone. 


Look at their smiling happy faces! We have three kids at different campuses this year. Payton made it into 7th grade. Audra is in 4th grade. And dear Chloe is excited about Preschool. The two older kids were ready almost an hour early the first day. Here's to hoping we can keep the enthusiasm level up near to that, anyway!

This is the first time I couldn't go with P to school! Sad day for me!! Here he and two friends are riding off together. (Payton is the one in the middle.)
  And this is where they are headed! (I stopped in later that morning-- not to check up on Payton but to help Eric move instruments from one campus to another.) Our middle school has gone to what they call "one to one" where each kid is expected to have an ipad. It will be used in class and for homework. So far, so good I guess. No major trouble to speak of. Also, Payton has enjoyed his first week. He enjoys having a locker, even though it is a bottom one. In his English class they are watching a movie for which he is expected to take notes. He thought that was a funny idea. (haha, the joke may be on him...) P is looking forward to more extra-curricular activities, starting off with auditioning for a play...

Look at her! Crazy to believe that she is my only elementary kiddo right now. Audra is having fun getting to know the new kids who have joined our school-- she has a good number of them in her class.

Doesn't it feel good to be wanted? These two are definitely wanted! Audra was excited to have this friend in school with her-- they are often mistaken for one another, even by their own family! This should be a good year.

Audra's other activity that has begun is volleytennis. This activity is played through the park league. She and I are on a team called the Purple Panthers. (I am helping to coach her team.) Audra did play last year, so it is not completely new to her. I can tell that she has improved a lot since then! Should be a fun couple of months.

Oh boy. And the next day it was Chloe's turn. Taking the big walk down the sidewalk for preschool. She'll only go on M W and F, half days. Tonight at bedtime she asked me what I would do while she is gone tomorrow. When I told her I wasn't sure she said I'd probably make cookies or dessert without her! 

(notice the random and out of season rain we got on the first day! Strange!)

We were glad to see her friend there, right away.  They found the coloring center and immediately  went to work. (It was Chloe's only paper to show for her first day-- she was a little bummed about that because she "loves homework".) 

Chloe's teacher is Miss Karla. She is really looking forward to painting and to having homework. Chloe told me that on the first day there was no homework, she didn't get to paint and that at play time the boys were chasing the girls. 


 Just before I left the kids were called to sit in this circle. Notice Chloe's right hand up by her face-- she is a little teary and I'd given her a tissue. I'm glad to know she was going to miss me! 

 When I picked her up she had a huge smile on her face and she said she loved school. (yay!)

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