Wednesday, April 3, 2013

.: scrappy gift + new pillows :.

So many fun FUN things we have been doing lately! So much so, that I have a hard time sitting myself down to type. At the moment I'm sitting here in a hotel with not much else to do (read that RELAXING!!) So I wanted to share these fun things with you...
Last week a friend of mine had a birthday and I had to think of a little gift for her. I know she loves to write, so these are what I came up with: 

I made these little cards using my scrap materials and my darning foot on my sewing machine! 

 My friend loves RED so I wanted to be sure and make a few cards with red in them. 
Notice the stitching around some of the flowers? These were so much fun to make!!  

I had to make sure the strings were neat even on the inside as that is visible too! Yikes!

This little thing is a favorite of mine-- I was pondering "just one more" and I saw this bird scrap and wondered if I could make it look like he was in a cage. Wow! I couldn't believe how it worked! Sometimes it seems like using the free motion quilting technique is a bit like drawing freehand-- which is NOT a strength of mine. Anyway, I was so excited about this one  :)

 We've been visiting my family for Easter and part of Spring Break. Before we made the drive my sister talked about some pillows she wanted to have re-covered. These are them.

This is part of the reason why-- her dog decided they were chew toys. 

So I just called up my trusty assistant to take off the buttons...and then she ditched me. 
So I called up my other trusty assistant, who turned out to be more reliable  ;) ...and she has super cute nails! 

Anyway. This was her FIRST TIME using the sewing machine!  She did a GREAT job. I loved that I got to help her at her first time sewing. Maybe this will start something??? 
I won't hold my breath. ;)

Ta da!! They look so good and you'd never even know that the puppy got to them. Its all covered up. Nice job, Sis!

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