Saturday, June 8, 2013

{ life is full . and good }

This time of year is maybe my favorite-- anticipation of the summer schedule, but still getting a little time with friends at school. We have been running around here and there, doing as much as we possibly can fit into our days-- and we haven't stopped yet! 
I love this time of year also because we get to look forward to the fun things we have planned. This is what we have so far:

 --sleeping in   --swimming  --going to the beach  --smoking some meat for dinner  --watching the sun set (twice if we facetime with Auntie!) 
--yellowstone nat'l park  --sleeping in  --lots of bike riding  --camping --hiking  --reading  --sleeping in  --letting the kids do some of the cooking 
 And this is just the short list, lol. 

 Before some of those things can happen, we have to make room for what comes home from school after the school year is done. In this case, this is some of the artwork P did last year.

This girl went to the Speech Meet this year. The speech she chose to recite was called "Relatives". Audra definitely has a gift for speaking in front of people. She did very well-- way to go Audra!! 

Recently we went to see the space shuttle Endeavor in it's new home at the Science Center in L.A. WOW! It is BIG! The exhibit is very well done. Before we went to see the Endeavor they had lots of information on how life is lived inside a shuttle, orbiting the earth. I highly recommend. 

One of my girls was invited to a friend's birthday party. I decided to make the bag part of the gift. Sometimes choosing the  material is half the fun!

This has been a good pattern for me-- I've definitely used it a few times!

These trees have such beautiful foliage...but it gets everywhere!!! And it can be sticky and maybe a little smelly too. But they are so pretty to look at. I'm amazed at how colorful creation is sometimes. 
(They are Jacaranda Trees, fyi, if you are interested)

Chloe and Audra have been taking gymnastics classes once a week for a while now. They have such a great time! And let me tell you, those coaches keep the kids going the whole hour. They are so tired when they are done! 
 --this jump has a name, but I can't remember it ;)

Audra is on the beam here. Most recently they have been learning about doing cartwheels ON the beam. 

I didn't realize I was going to have a front row seat for this concert! And this was one for which I decided not to bring a video camera of any kind 
They did great! My favorite was their last song: Just a  Closer Walk With Thee

For teacher appreciation week, I helped Audra's class make this card for their teacher.All those "flowers" are fingerprints from each of the kids in the class! 

Then we made one for the music teacher, but turned the fingerprints into notes! I had fun with these. They were fun to think about and make.

Speaking of making things, I had to make a pouch for this keyboard that P wanted to bring to school. The first one turned out great, but about a half inch too small all the way around. 
This is the 2nd attempt and I am thankful, it is just the right size! (no pattern + guessing = no good for me!)

 And since it is the end of the school year, it is time for Audra to have a program also. Here she is, (in the middle!) with her class singing in a musical called "Go West". 

And finally-- look at this girl! All ready for Kindergarten! Okay, seems like she has been ready for a while, but now it is official. 

Chloe has had a great year this year, many thanks to her wonderful teachers Karla and Nicolle. 

I'm thankful Chloe and I could have this year before getting into school full time. I think we both needed to take it slowly :)

Way to go Chloe! I'm excited to see how the Lord will lead you in the coming years!

Now, to just get through 4 more days before vacation really begins!!

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  1. Great wrap up post! What a busy life you lead. A happy one TOO!!