Saturday, July 20, 2013

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I love summer! Relaxing, sleeping in, no pressure...wait a minute, that has NOT been our week this week. Though it has been a good one, we haven't done much sleeping in or relaxing at all!

We've had a little bit of summer ball happening...
 We've had a LOT of Vacation Bible School going on...

--Payton is a helper and also got to be in the opening and closing skits each day.

Audra and Chloe had fun with friends, singing, learning Bible verses + lessons, and playing around.

Eric was in charge of the skits and music-- a big job, but he was great. 

 AND we had a Birthday to celebrate this week too!!!
 Audra's birthday will happen while we are gone on vacation, so since it will be her big double digit 1-0 birthday, we wanted to celebrate with friends before we were gone.
 We made picture frames. 

We had a race to see if we could scoot a cookie from our forehead to our mouth WITHOUT using our hands.
 I LOVE the funny faces that were the result of this game!
 We had a waterballoon piƱata -- that was fun! We used regular balloons and filled them with water. They were pretty hard to break but super fun when they did!
 The balloons sort of bent around the bat when the girls hit them.

I think this is the first cake I didn't bake for my kids' birthday. Actually the second, I guess. My sweet cousin Robin made Audra's cake 2 years ago when we were in Iowa. 

This year we decided on an ice cream cake: yumm!  

Our other activity for the party was making these super cool purses out of duck tape! The girls did a really good job on them.

Thankful for our pool! A great way to cool off and end the party! 

 Happy Birthday my dear Audra. Wishing God's blessings for your life. Praying that you will grow up to know him as your Savior and walk in his ways.

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