Monday, November 4, 2013

{ Visiting San Diego }

For the second weekend in a row I got to go to San Diego! What fun! That is quite out of the ordinary for me, so you know it has been busy around here lately. 

Two weekends ago my sis and I went to see my niece who was here, visiting from Hawaii. The three of us had a fun time finding our way through the freeways and the rogue waves that threatened to soak us! 

This past weekend Eric and I got to hang out in San Diego because he had won a two night stay at a hotel there. This was actually the second time he has won this particular prize, so we knew exactly where we were going. (Good thing, the hotel is a bit off the beaten path!) 
We had sort of a rocky week leading up to leaving as Chloe had been sick with a cold and a fever up until the morning we were leaving! So really, I wasn't sure we were going anywhere! We were all relieved that she bounced back and was able to go to school on Friday and then stay with friends (and even sleep all night!) while we were gone. 

On the way there we stopped at Sea World. Eric had never been there, and I hadn't been since I was in elementary school. We had such fun! Did you know they have a roller coaster? We rode it twice! (I know, living on the edge these days.) There were hardly any people at Sea World, so it was nice to be able to just walk up and see what we wanted to see. 
Cool Sea Turtle!

Cool Penguins! 
These animals were amazing.

Can you spot the beluga? He is like a chameleon here...
I must say, I love to take pictures. When we pulled out the camera at Sea World, I realized that the battery life for my camera was on it's last 1/3! Yikes! And, oh no, we left the charger at home for the first time ever. ugh. I felt like I could hardly take any pictures. So because of the fear of a dead camera battery coupled with the desire to take pictures throughout the weekend, I did not take many pictures any place we went. I kept it to only the pictures I knew I really wanted. That was so hard!!!
After Sea World we had a nice Mexican dinner at a place called Adalbertos. Yes, it was fun to say. I said it a few times. Go ahead, say it out loud right now. It kind of rolls off the tongue ;)
The next day I had planned this great, long bike ride around Coronado. It turned out to be around 25 miles!! Wow!! 

This picture is not tilted-- the bridge is! This is a really cool walking bridge, right outside of Petco Park in San Diego. This bridge was the start of our ride. 

There are wetlands that are on the outskirts of the bay, by Coronado Island. Part of the bike path is around these wetlands. It was very picturesque. This picture was taken...more than half way around I want to say. It is really hard to see in this picture, but you can sort of make out a line going through the buildings in the middle of the picture. That line is the huge bridge that connects Coronado Island to the main part of San Diego. Look how far we are from it! 

This was a timed picture that utilized the available resources we had: chain link fence and sunglasses. (Hence I'm not wearing mine for the pic!) 

And finally, perhaps my favorite pic from the ride...

Isn't this great!? What a fun way to spruce up a drab tin fence. 

And because we were trying to be careful about turning the camera on and off, that's really all the pictures taken. How sad. No worries though, we had a really nice time together. And when we got home I charged the camera battery right up...Chloe had a field trip scheduled for the next morning!! I had to be ready...


  1. Jenn! I absolutely LOVE these pictures, your creativity is definitely a talent from God that you have put into practice. Thank you so much for sharing your date weekend with us! I'm so glad you and Eric got to spend some real quality time together! I miss you so much.

  2. great post! Glad you were able to get away. Both weekends sounds perfect! Did you know there's an adalbertos in los al? We've been stopping there after soccer games.

  3. Looks like a great couple of weekends! I sure miss my San Diego weekend trips.