Sunday, September 28, 2014

{ who knew? }

Today is Saturday. 
I always look forward to Saturdays because of the break in the schedule: change in wake up time, change in routine, change in responsibilities. Well, this morning there were definitely changes. Payton started running on the Cross Country team at the high school which meant an early morning race! ...and it also meant the alarm went off EARLIER than usual!!!

The race was held at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Oooh. Already that made it exciting! 

I walked up just as the boys were taking off. Good timing, I guess. 

And there they go-- up hills and around corners: 3 miles! 

Right through the chute, a.k.a. crossing the finish line. Way to run it, Payton!! 

 (Missing a few members of the frosh/soph team)

Trophy!! It was a great running day!

Who knew my boy would find out he enjoys running? And he is even pretty good at it?! 

Way to run it, Payton!!

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  1. That sounds like a fun Saturday! Congrats to Payton all the way around!