Friday, April 27, 2012

{proving my point}


Today was a day well spent: sewing, hanging out with my girl, and more sewing. My projects: pillowcases for a young man who recently had a multiple organ transplant.

Now, when you're hanging out with my girl, it is normal for her babies to have top priority in seating, so they can see what mom is doing.
--yes, I was careful to keep the blade closed when not in use! Don't want those babies to be harmed  ;)

oops. Can you tell what happened? That hasn't happened to me in a long time, but boy am I glad this pin got the worst of it. 

My friend whose son had the transplants also has another boy and a girl, too. So they'll get a special pillowcase of their own-- gotta spread the love around a little!  ;)

Another friend said she had trouble with directional print when she made pillowcases recently...even after her warnings, I did too. This is the material I wanted to use for the little girl's pillowcase.
So, proving my point that I can't seem to make just one of anything right now-- even these pillowcases multiplied!

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  1. Oh wow! Look at all that pillowcase LOVE!!!