Friday, May 4, 2012

{coffee sleeves}

Sometimes we make things because we need to make them.
Sometimes we make things because we want to make them.
Sometimes we make things to prove we can make them better than the ones we saw in a store...


The inspiration for these little coffee cup sleeves came from seeing some poorly made ones which were being sold in a coffee shop.

I took home one of the paper sleeves and made my own template.

 This shows you how I construct my own version...

(bad picture, taken at night)

I love choosing colors for these! The ones I make are reversible because I use snaps to keep them closed. 

(the 6 on top do not have their snaps on yet-- I need to get more! The bottom one, my daughter was playing with and one half of one of the snaps came off...needs to be fixed. They really do hold up-- just don't let your kids snap and unsnap them multiple times in a row!!)

This project was a nice distraction from some of the bigger projects I've begun. It is fun to have something little like this to make, in order to feel like I'm actually finishing things!!

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