Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{ I know that I....I will survive...}

That is how the song goes, right? We just need to get to the end of the school year. I'm really looking forward to it. I think the kids are too-- they've been counting down the days for a week already  (we're at 15.5 days after today!) 

Last week we had a birthday to celebrate! Its a good thing I had used this red wine in cooking dinner the day before, otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to turn this Angel Food Cake out onto. 

We had a little surprise party for Eric-- the week was so busy we had to bump up his party from Friday to Tuesday. He didn't know about that. We also invited a couple of his friends to join us.

This is my reminder to you that if you are going to put something in the oven for storage, remember to check the oven before preheating it. oops. We decided it was still edible. 

SOMEONE got a new bicycle yesterday. Can't tell from all these happy faces who it was, can you? 

Well it wasn't Chloe. She just wanted to join the fun of riding bikes around...and she also wanted to make silly faces every time she passed me. All of my pics of her are goofy!! 

Look at this girl! She is really growing. Actually, here she is proving that she is growing into her brother's old bike. This is her first time riding this bike, because it was P who got a new one. Audra is pretty excited about a bigger bike too, though. She still needs another inch or two before she can really use this bike though, I think. 

Here it is! Payton's new bike. He was pretty excited. Eric and Payton are planning an overnight bike trip for this summer and Payton needed a new bike for it-- one that was both taller and lighter in weight. 
And yes, P has been growing too-- he has only about 2.5 inches to grow before he and I are the same height...

ugh. We are still battling Fifth's Disease. Poor girl, Audra does not look real good right now. She isn't contagious because she has the rash, but it just is not going away...

...and actually yesterday it was the worst its been. Her face looks blotchy too. Hoping hoping it goes away soon! 

So many things going on I haven't had time to do much with THIS! Looking forward to spending some quality time with my sewing machine in the next day or so. The littlest asked if we could stay home all day today. I'm thinking we should too...

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