Friday, May 11, 2012

{ a little of this and a little of... }

What a week! It has been busy with all sorts of things that come up at the last minute. But, that's how we seem to roll best so we ended the week happy. 

Here's a quick review:  

 An impromptu trip to the Irvine Regional Park with friends! We got to ride on the train, see the horses, ducks and peacocks, play at the play area, and go to the....


The funniest part of the day for me was that there were peacocks that could go anywhere they wanted to-- and in this picture you can see one walking right into the zoo! I bet he loves to go and taunt the mountain lion or the bear. 

 Well, Tuesday afternoon my oldest came home from school looking like this...

...and this...

The next day he was supposed to leave for science camp --an overnight trip-- so I knew we had to get this figured out. Turned out to be fifth's disease. Not a big deal for kids. No treatment because it is viral. However, it is contagious--before the rash appears and you know you have it. 

 -after he left for camp the next day, his sister came down with this rash...the little one has yet to show it...I'm waiting...hoping it doesn't come because I wasn't thinking about her actually coming down with it. 

And this is where I took her the next day: story time at the library. 

 The Hokey Pokey in a packed room! These kids love Miss Carolyn, the Librarian. 

We also did some cleaning in the last day or so-- this one LOVES to clean. 
She takes it so seriously ;) 

She spent quite a while reaching as far as she could.

I did get to play around with my machine a little, too! Lining these up like this makes me want to do another strip quilt. I was loving the rainbow effect these had while they were on my ironing board. But alas, I had other plans.

Notice I have not added in the reds-- this is because the friend I am making this for said her favorite colors are cool colors...hmm...wonder if I should take out that yellow too?? Something is throwing this off and I can't decide yet what it is. Any ideas? 

Plenty of other things happened and didn't happen around here this week also. But we don't have time for all of that.  :) 

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