Friday, June 1, 2012

{ spinning }

My little one was spinning around the living room the other day and the more she spun around I realized that is how my head feels these days -- without me even spinning around! Its okay though, we are in a good stage of busy. 

As a science experiment for school, Payton decided to test packaging materials. These are the materials he decided to test: packing peanuts, eco pack, fiberfill. Payton also had a "control" box with no packaging materials.

He dropped the boxes from various heights...

...and listened to hear if something broke inside...

Payton's conclusion was not to send breakable items through the mail without special packaging. The fiberfill and the eco wrap were tied in terms of "best performance". This box is proof that we did break things...

Aside from breaking dishes, we've been playing school. Here Chloe (who sometimes goes by "Teacher Jane") is sitting with her class.

Playing his sonatina for the talent show...

...and this one playing for the same show "Divertimento in D"...

And guess what I got to do! It isn't finished yet, but it is sandwiched together with the batting and the backing. . .I had fun with those zig zags! 

We had a park day with our church for Memorial Day- it was a good day for the swings! 

Also a good day for a bike ride. These 3 rode the riverbed to get to the park, 6 miles there + 6 miles back! 

Eight and a half days of school left. And we don't even have our summer plans made yet-- how did that happen?? There really is too much going on I guess! 

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  1. Fun post! It shows a busy, talented, happy family!