Friday, June 29, 2012

{ The Lazy Days of Summer }

The program. 

*Notice little sister stands there until told what to do.

This year's teams are the Athletics...

... and the Angels...

She's giving "thumbs up" all around the field. Hopefully that means she is ready for some action in the outfield!

This one has really been enjoying the swimming lessons. 

See that big smile?

And look at her learning to take a big breath before jumping in! 

(No worries, I cropped out the teacher, she really is jumping to someone!) 

This one has been getting to take her lessons with a friend. 

A race across the pool.

We've been using our time well, relaxing on the patio with a book...

...and a smoothie! A fun summer treat. 

So excited to show you a quilt recently finished! I made this one for a friend. 

She told me her favorite colors were blue and purple. (of course she didn't know what it was I was asking for!)

And this is the crew moments before they took off for a trial run overnight trip. 
Everything fit on their bikes, including 2 tents, 4 sleeping bags, 4 ground mats, a change of clothes, food, stove...They're pretty serious! 

Looking forward to spending many more days of summer, doing much the same as we have been already! 


  1. Your quilt is beautiful and that bike trip looks amazing! They sure were able to PILE ON the things they needed!

  2. I didn't know you had a blog, Jenn, what fun! I agree with Beth, your quilt is beautiful...good job!