Friday, June 15, 2012

{ the end of one is the beginning of another }


We found roller skates for the little one...she is loving them! One suggestion though, for anyone who will be teaching a 4 yr old to skate: Don't wear flip flops! Even consider shin guards! ouch!!

This girl just wants to pose for the camera, can you tell? She really has come a long way on these skates in just a few days. (Good thing too, I don't have to stay right next to her all the time and risk more bruising!)

And of course this one wants in on the skating action. We had our own roller rink happening out here! 

Can you guess this instrument?? I might just wait for a post or two to tell you what she is pretending to play. She has threatened asked to play this instrument when she gets to be in 5th grade a few times already. Actually, her plan right now is to be playing 3 instruments: the recorder, the flute and...

During the last week of school the elementary students get to spend a day doing different sports and races at the high school campus. Some of these happen to be very fun to catch on camera! 

Working hard on running...Go Audra Go! 

The 3 legged race is definitely one for close friends to do together. Payton and Jaden do seem to work well with each other.

Standing broad jump. I love his form and also that of his shadow! 

Audra called this the running broad jump. Not sure of the official name but I guess that is close enough.

What a great way to end the school year!

One of our sunflowers...ahh, the beauty of summer!

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