Friday, June 8, 2012

{What does a concert have to do with the Tooth Fairy?}

This was how she thought she could get the tooth out before the concert. She would use the toothpick as a lever and the tooth would be the fulcrum and then the weight of her hand...
During her brother's performance is right about when she actually pulled it out. (Herself!)

The final number of the evening was performed by all the band kids in grades 5-12. Eric got to direct them.

The next day we had company. Looks like I made them mashed potatoes, doesn't it?

I would never add food coloring to mashed potatoes. (at least not this color...)   It was playdough-- which is really easy to make, by the way.

A friend of mine needed someone to watch her son, who is Chloe's age. These two had fun drilling into the playdough man's head.

Hopscotch was also a good way to end our morning together. Love this pic.

So many birthdays to celebrate lately! I loved Chloe's card for her Grandpa H. The cakes look like they're leanin' something fierce under the weight of the candles  ;)

Trying to take a candid shot of this one is tough! She sees the camera and smiles.

I did get something actually made with my sewing machine this week, too! This is a gift for one of Chloe's little friends-- the pillowcase came together easily and quickly, as did the little matching sleeping bag.

 I've been thinking lately about getting a new machine for quilting-- it is hard to decide what to get! I need to have patience and keep researching.  In the meantime I found out that my walking foot from my old machine will fit my current sewing machine! Yay!! So I'm still able to quilt and I've begun to quilt the zig zag quilt that I showed last time.
I know some of you were really concerned about me not being able to quilt  ;)

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