Monday, July 2, 2012

{ Story of a bicycle }

Last week Monday-- exactly 1 week ago today-- I got a new bike! I haven't owned a bike since...junior high or early high school. 

Love the color-- a nice shade of blue with just a little sparkle. The first ride I took it on was with Eric the next morning to Starbucks where we sat for a while, enjoying the quiet!

This morning I had a chiropractor appointment. I thought "I'll ride my bike, it isn't too far."  

This is what I found when I was done with the appointment. 

Can you see what someone did? 

So I made a report. 

Yes, I'm pretty bummed about the bike being gone...and the fact that the charge for it hasn't even been paid for on the credit card yet...



  1. Oh, Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about your bike. That is so sad :(.

  2. Boo, hoo, this was a sad entry. :( Did they ever find it? Kim