Friday, July 13, 2012

{ Lessons in the Pool }

While the boys have been busy riding their bicycles all over creation I did manage to keep the girls moving also...

One of our favorite people taught the lessons. Chloe learned about putting her face in the water and making sure to hold her breath. She loved to challenge herself to stay underwater a long time. 

Ring Around the Rosie, pool style! 

It wasn't all play-- look at those Big Arms coming out of the water! 

Audra got to have her lesson with a friend. This was nice because they would encourage each other and also challenge each other...

...alll the way across the pool! 

Audra's friend has a sister Chloe's age-- these two had a blast in the shallow end while their sisters worked out in the pool. 

--really, they did do a lot of swimming laps. But I guess they had time for some play also! 

"hakuna ma tater tot!" 

-the girls would yell silly things as they cannon balled into the pool :)  

A little more relaxing than riding for 40+ miles on a bike, but a work out nonetheless. 
We're back from a little vacation now, and I guess it is time to get back in the swing of things. 


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