Saturday, July 7, 2012

{ Oh the Places They'll Go... }

...on their bicycles! Have you heard what these guys are doing? They are planning a bike trip
200 miles long! 

Can you say "sore tush"? 

Before heading off on their long adventure, they wanted to test their gear and also their *ability to carry their gear while riding*...

Here they are riding up the Santa Fe Dam. 

It seems that each time they get back from a ride they have another story to add to their experiences. This ride was no exception.

Their destination for this ride was the backyard of a friend. The route they took to get there brought them to the Northern most end of the San Gabriel River Trail. 

Here they spent the night and then got up to head home the next day.

They did have some beautiful views along the way...

...and they got hungry.  This is at one of their water stops. Notice the bikes behind the boys. Aren't they dedicated?! They were loaded down! 

And since their legs didn't hurt enough yet, they decided to get all the way to the South end of the San Gabriel River Trail. This did add a little extra distance they weren't planning on originally.

But as you can see, their extra miles paid off as once again they had great scenery! This lighthouse is in the Long Beach harbor, near the Queen Mary. 

What are they looking at??
Oh!  They're using their hand signals, as they should be.

Good boys.

(By the way, they are near one of my favorite yarn shops, in this picture!)

Here they are-- nearly home. 
All in all, in those two days my boys rode 
100 miles

That's pretty cool.

Another picture? Yes! Their training isn't over yet. And I thought this bridge was definitely worth showing. Kinda makes me want to tag along on one of these rides.

I guess I have to work on getting another new bike. 

Happy Riding to you! 


  1. That post made me want to take a long ride too!

  2. Looks like fun and special memories being made!